Your blog is amazingly Excellent !! In all Honesty the The presence of your blog makes me happy ヽ(^。^)丿 Thank you for being a human !!!!! PS: drawing request~ Marcy showering pb with candy to scare her(≧∇≦)/ —totally-in-shane

Hah :D Im glad I can make people happy. 

PS. I don’t take requests but I will be uploading some Bubbline Halloween stuff closer to the end of the month, so keep and eye out~ n.n

October 9th — and with 0 notes

I love your oc!Mana and all your Adventure Time work! (I mean, I like all of your work, it's all fantastic, but those especially!) —verthanthi

Why thank you :D

Vampire girl spotted in the grasslands harassing sheep and cattle. 

Rly Marcy, dont u have something better to do

wip of the first of 8 panels I have planned out of a bubbline headcanon ~first meeting to first dating~ time progression thing. (i wanted to draw more Young!bubbline)

Ahh I haven’t uploaded anything in a while so here’s some ☆Bubbline☆ ^-^

One of the things from my friend -Nika- drew for me for bday :D Is cute eh?

I love your childhood pb and marcy drawing!! It's adorable —smallnewt

YAAy I’m glad you like :3 Can’t wait to get home and draw some more on my tablet~

August 16th — and with 2 notes

" Even though he’s away doing his job, I am sure your dad still loves you Marcy. I would if I was him."

I have a massive soft spot for childhood friendships that later turn into something special ;u;

May Gunn, the OC that belongs to the talented CT Chrysler ( an amazing artist who I admire very much)

The second I saw this chick I totally loved her. New fave aside from Annie herself. Stop making me fall for your characters CT D:
Wish I could have done this digitally but I left my tabby on the other side of Canada so a rough sketch will have to satisfy me for now :P

So I just found out that bubbline was confirmed canon by Olivia and I AM CRYING A LOT. I was having a really shitty day too and now I’m just REALLY OVERJOOOOOYED QuQ

But I have to strongly disagree with her creepy fan art statement…seeing as I am a bubbline fan artist D: but AHHHHHHHHH~~~~